our technology

Years of development and feedback from growers have led us to develop a new boom mounted design that can be retro-fitted to existing spray booms. The individual units will be available to purchase by the metre and tailored to detect and spray weeds in your target crop or pasture.

We are now field testing these units in Malanda and Goondiwndi QLD. Stay tuned for upcoming demonstrations of this exciting technology.

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deep learning on the edge

We apply the latest tools and techniques in machine vision, deep learning and robotics to deliver a new best practice weed management tool. Our detection systems use deep neural networks to detect weed species from any background (crop, soil or pasture) using image features like shape, colour and texture.

We have a team of world-class PhDs and experienced engineers who have published some of our deep learning breakthroughs to esteemed international journals.

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field tested prototypes

We have been developing weed detection systems with extensive in-field testing for the past five years. In 2019, our ATV prototype was trialed across five locations in QLD and NSW.

Field tests of the ATV prototype on a cattle farm Malanda QLD showed that up to 89% herbicide reduction is possible compared to blanket spray application for Navua Sedge in pasture, While trials at Spring Ridge NSW, showed that up to 95% herbicide reduction is possible targeting Turnip Weed in an Oats crop instead of broadcast spraying.

retro-fitting approach

We believe in addressing the needs of small-to-mid sized farming operations, and not just commercial broadacre operations, who have until now solely benefited from expensive spot-spraying solutions.

We have developed robust, modular and scalable green-on-green weed detection systems that can be retro-fitted to any existing spray boom. These units will soon be available in 2020 for purchase by the metre!

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